Ultrasonic tests of objects require water tightness are an alternative method to water tests. Ultrasonic tests concern  of aperture – cover system researches. These covers separate inward, close ship space from open space. The aperture – cover system is  for example: tank, hatch cover, hold cover, tank manhole, door, window, porthole, ship bottom outfit etc. Ultrasonic measurements were conducted in any airy environment, in following external conditions :

  • airy space : free from dust
  • atmospherically conditions : weather without raining , snowing and strong wind
  • air temperature : > – 10 oC
  • acoustic ground (ultrasonic): min  5 dB below measurement level of detection signal

 Acoustic (ultrasonic) background generated by the environment with the exception of rain or storm – does not interfere with the measurements. Also fitting out works (except grinding work in the neighbourhood) conducted in the area of measurement is not a major disruption. This is due to the frequency range used in the researches.

Ultrasonic measurements of aperture-cover system closeness on the ship to be performance with an equipment  in the following specification:

  • ultrasonic transmitter
  • ultrasonic detector with direction probe
  • headphones

 Tests shall be performed according to approved by the CustomerResearch Methodology” (with information to the Inspector of Classification Society or Administration), and results shall be presents in the the form of Report where are presented  precisely indicated any leaks and carried out recommendations  how to remove  these leaks.

Tests can be made virtually all scene conditions, because the equipment for their execution is handy and does not require any additional actions to enable its operation. The measurement can be performed both at the quay, as well as during the voyage. Leaks are indicated with an accuracy of centimeters and can be removed almost immediately.

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