• As a part of the measurement package we offer  ship`s speed and manoeuvring tests. Measurements are made on the basis of signal NMEA 0183 (shortly NMEA), ie. published by the National Marine Electronics Association protocol for communication between marine electronic devices supplied by vessel DGPS . Such an approach to measure allows very precise definition of speed and ship manoeuvrability, without dependence upon external GPS device and can be performed in any region of the world.
  • The measurement is recorded in real time, with the possibility of replay of its route. The software for this measurement allows for very precise determination of the ship’s position during the measurement , the travel distance and motion parameters  important for this test (speed, time, shape of circulation, etc.).
  • The report is generated as graph, scaled according to the geographical region data where was carried out registration and acc. to the real time of measurement. The report generation is done almost immediately after the completion of the measurement and does not require long machining data.

Data from measurements of speed and maneuverability of the ship are used among others to prepare theWheelhouse Poster”.

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