Noise measurements are carried out primarily during vessels` delivery – acceptance trials, but they can be performed also during the vessel standard operation , if  relied the circumstances indicating the appearance of excessive noise levels in the crew work places and  recreation zones (and/or passengers). The basis of assessment is usually IMO Resolution A 468 / XII or regulations Administration.

Tests are intended to protect the crew (and / or passengers) against the risks of excessive noise in the work environment and recreation spaces. Measurements are carried out in all areas of residential, public and service spaces, medical and  permanent work zones. They can be done in other places, eg. open decks, in the  presence of passengers and/or crew areas, in the case of finding a feel high noise level of these regions. The measurements allow to determine the source of excessive noise and are the basis for its elimination.

The consequence of the measurements is to issue recommendations for noise reduction above mentioned zones, thereby improving the acoustic comfort in the crew (passengers) living  and working places and to enable an acceptable level of noise in the places specified by rules.

As a specific noise measurement there are  performed measurements of alarms and typhon  hearing.

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