Plans of deck outfitting consist of the following documents:

  • Mooring equipment calculations;
  • Mooring Equipment Arrangement;
  • Towing Devices Arrangement;
  • Anchor devices calculations;
  • Anchor Devices Arrangement;
  • Rescue Means Arrangement and Fixing Plans;
  • External Railings Arrangement;
  • External Communication Arrangement/stairs and ladders;
  • Navigation Mast/ construction+vibration calculations;
  • Signal Mast/ construction+vibration calculations;
  • Radar Mast /construction+vibration calculations;
  • Search Light Fixing;
  • Navigation lamps and signs arrangement;
  • Wooden Deck Covering Arrangement;
  • Fenders Plan;
  • Deck Hatches Arrangement;
  • Hull hatches and Bottom Plugs Arrangement;
  • Draft Marks Arrangement;
  • Ship Name;
  • Chilled Hold Insulation and Lining;
  • Foundations of deck outfitting.

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