In our offer can be found carpet and flexible (homogeneous and heterogeneous) floor coverings, epoxy resins coverings and ceramic tiles.

Carpet  and elastic  floor coverings are offered in a rich colours and designs, with a wide range of densities, which due to the high quality perfectly suited for areas with heavy traffic, demanding ensure in the case of flexible floor coverings anti-skid and oil resistance.

To complement the assembly of floor coverings we perform  floor concrete masses or resin, floating floors, as well as we repair existing concrete screeds, resins and ceramic tile coverings. Note: in many cases it is not necessary to clump of old tiles. We use special connecting bridge layer, and on them be laid new tiles using a flexible glue. This method saves time and reduces repair costs.
  • All our products to have necessary certificates for public spacer or maritime certificates (it it is necessary): flammability, hygiene, electro-static, in the case of elastic coverings- anti-skid.
  • We offer elastic coverings with oil resistance properties.
  • The next group of floor coverings are special  coverings for compartments with electrical equipment and the special apparatus requiring coverings of the discharge surface charges.
  • A separate group consists of flexible floor coverings to the relevant hygienic certificates, through which are suitable for use in facilities for medical type: dispensaries, hospitals, pharmacies.
  • Another group of coverings constitute  coverings designed to finishing of the sanitary facilities and showers walls.

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