Our calculation offer consists of:


The construction structural analysis is best suited for to this phase of the project, when is still possible to intervene in the construction or system. Construction checking in the early project stage to avoid potentially dangerous from design errors in the final phase of the project, what transfer to the final cost of the project. Vibration prediction can also be used for testing and troubleshooting vibration existing structures, eg. during the renovation or rebuilding process .  

We offer:

  • Hull natural frequencies prediction  (FEM – Final element method);
  • Superstructure natural frequencies prediction  (FEM );
  • Construction elements natural frequencies prediction,  for example : signal and navigation masts, mechanisms and devices foundations and other ships`construction elements  (FEM);
  • Shaft-line torsional vibration calculations ;
  • Calculation, arrangement and selection of devices and mechanisms elastic mounting.


We conducted dozens of  sound material propagation/structural noise and aerial noise analysis, Ventilation & HVAC systems noise analysis, and also  ships` gas exhausts  noise analysis, including noise on open decks. The results of the analysis have always been the basis for the issue  precautions of constructions, aimed at improving of the ships` vibro – acoustic comfort. Our offer includes the following predictions:

  • accommodation noise predictions ;
  • ventilation and air-conditioning noise prediction (dampers` selection for installations) ;
  • open deck noise prediction coming from gas exhausts systems and ventilation systems, including bridge wings noise prediction (selection of the gas exhaust noise dampers).

Other calculations:

  • Mooring Devices calculations
  • Anchor Devices calculations;
  • General design analysis – weight, hydrostatic etc.;
  • Balance sheet of burning materials in accommodation parts of the vessel.

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